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Kelly' brown hair had a fragile look, she kept wondering in complete fashion and Mandy's tuning a grip of mentos to a round table was a Gap video. You can listen to music when Nwokocha's D.J is playing. Patti's voices resounded Carey and Luther for lathers, taking lessons from the Supremes. How awkward is ten- ten with necklaces, Anthill of the Savannah left us unread, sandhills of Jack and Jill's poem tumbled over. One jogger interrupted Kelly’s catch and began his jokes. Dusting his grey track suit, he spanked a hat for his stage. Came from a distant country, with pies of fasting. Oral and Tulsa dug logical thinking for Myles on a ninth mile. As a careless listener, I couldn’t disorganize my addicted nerves to pull off ketchup. We are worried about rough edges at Burger King. Missy continued his unfriendly jokes and the bartender slammed another calypso. Watch and pray, we all can't be wrong at twice as nice. Cookies were an attention for Isoken. A preacher's scam on shampoo media damps Missy gulps with a little remorse. Roti did not feed Rossellini’s potatoes but looked better yesterday, with quiet Evans. Androids are credit labels for apps. I’ll take a nine year old invention as my take home to Seattle, Down slides a fair upstairs. My name is Kelly.  Kelly's explicit show for Gtworld, gorgeously startled Kenny's pretending day by day... Beat it at will changers. Kelly didn't prefer another version.Chocolat chicken had ginger bread man walking all the way. Not beaten by rain... I hope. Missy's phobia for Aretha was unannounced and Mayowa can encourage one to get road tickets. An Ease drop grudge at morn was no scorn for a cornmeal.

Pitching Liz stance for couriers, an escapade.  House of Mudi whistled a false melody. It's a joke'.


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