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Christ Jesus tells us of his Infinite love to mankind, our gratitude goes to the Eternal Father for a bountiful Harvest.
Talking about harvest, Choral theater demonstrates God expressing his countenance on man and humanity especially when our human weakness fails us. Petrolina encouraged my ability to write concepts of literature.The journey of the christian race is a narrow door. Keep step with the master, a hymn of the church keeps us in accordance with Catholic doctrines, entertainment and sound tracks have taught us to ask questions. Will we ever get there? Cock crow at dawn, Mega Fortunes Ripples Mirror in the sun were soap operas that paved an opportunity for Nigerian movies and contemporary show biz. Choral theater encourages talents and eternal rewards. Oluwayomi inspires gospel music, particularly Benjamin and the young ones. Mr& Mrs Aramide are old couples who are thankful to God for a great harvest. They sing countless praises to the Eternal Creator for living together in holy matrimony. Motolani describes the essence of keeping and growing seeds in the lord's vineyard. God is our strength. The holy rosary is a powerful weapon in the enemy's camp. Chants and Choral dances lead to lights fade with talented stage performances.

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